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November 1, 2013

Student Gift Idea

Are you a parent/grandparent looking for a great gift idea or a teacher searching for a little something for your students? 

If so, check out "The Crayon Box that Talked"

Paired with a box of crayons, it makes the perfect little combo for any preschool or lower-elementary student.

Student Gift Idea
Student Gift

The Crayon Box that Talked
by Shane Derolf and Michael Letzig

by Scholastic Books

This book does a great job conveying the sublimely simple message that when we all work together, the results are much more interesting and colorful. - Amazon

Thinking ahead: A great time to purchase Crayons is at the onset of the school year when they are on sale for "Back-to-School". Whether you are planning to use this gift to welcome students back to school, to treat them at the holidays, or to congratulate them on a great year, buy the crayons at the beginning of the year! It will save you lots! 

For pre-school students, you might want to consider the Triangular Crayons!
My little guys have loved these, and they are super helpful for helping to develop pre-writing skills.

Appropriate for Elementary Students
Something for Every Kind of Learner

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I have had great success using these creative "out of the box" activities with varying age groups of elementary students! These projects can be adjusted to fit your specific needs - no matter the age, grade, or teaching environment. 
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