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October 29, 2013

Fall Family Time

Much of our fall has been spent visiting with family and friends and introducing them to our new addition. I have failed to capture every moment and many sweet faces are missing from this post, but here are a few shots that I did get.
Caleb & Isaac with their Great-Granny, Great-Aunt, and Great-Uncle
Isaac with my brother and sister-in-love

Family Time at the Zoo - Isaac was asleep in his seat, and Caleb was determined to get out of his!

Isaac meeting his great-grandma for the first time!

Little One spent most of the afternoon in her arms.

My boys have such a sweet cousin - I see lots of fun in the future for these three boys!
David and I - along with my sister-in-love and her hubby - are going to have our hands full!

Sweet Moments with a Sweet Lady

Isaac w/ his G.G.
The boys love their grandparents and the feeling is mutual!

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