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September 9, 2015

Dinner and a Book

An easy way to include literacy activities in to your everyday routines is to read books at mealtime

Is mealtime crazy at your house? 

Books have been a great way to bring a little bit of calm to our dinner table, and if your kids are active like mine, it may be one of the few times, you can actually catch them sitting during the day.

Dinner and a Book

Choose a book and then find a fun food item to go with it...Or choose a fun food item and then find a book to go with it...either way works!

For this particular activity, I grabbed this Zoo Pasta from Tuesday Morning and then found an animal book (from our personal library) to read along with it. 

Animal 123 by David Wojtowcyz

Animal night was a hit, and you can do this with just about any theme!
Language Arts...Math...Fun was all there!

Interested in some fresh reading material? Check out your local library!