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January 31, 2012

A Nursery Tour with All Kinds of Things (Caleb)

When it comes to nursery decor, sweet and simple is always my goal. 
Enjoy a peek inside Caleb's nursery~

A Nursery Tour with All Kinds of Things

As mentioned in a previous post, I am not into "themed rooms". Therefore, Caleb's nursery does not necessarily have a theme. Throughout my pregnancy, I had planned to do a dark brown/soft baby green color scheme. Unfortunuately, however, I just never could find the kind of things I had in mind. Everything out there seemed to be brown and blue. To make a long story short, around week 34 of my pregnancy, I went in a completely different direction. (No surprise there!) =) I started finding things that had kind of an "industrial" look, and I loved it. In my family, when something appears to be just what you are looking for, we say "It has the glow!" So, needless to say, the industrial look "had the glow". Since we knew we would not be in our current residence permanently, there were some things we did not do to Caleb's room that we will do when we move - as in painting and installing a floor-to-ceiling shelving system for the 100,000 children's books that had Caleb's name on them before he was even born. (Don't forget I was a third-grade teacher! Note to self: This child will love to read if it kills me!) ;-) Anyway, when we move into the house, I will post updated photos for sure!

**Most of these photos were taken before I was the proud owner of my Nikon. I will apologize now for the poor image quality.**

I Samuel 1:27 

David's Sand Creation

I created this shadow box using scrapbook paper/letters, plastic Scrabble letter tiles, and one of our first ultrasound photos of Caleb. (from 2/14/11) Caleb's name means "faithful".
(Shadow Box - TJ Maxx/Home Goods)

I found this Hallmark picture frame at Ollie's Outlet. It was actually a "Celebrate Retirement" frame that included some silly quote about golf and a photo of gray-haired men "living it up". I removed all of that, added the antique keys, and inserted a picture of my sweetie.

I found this ABC paper print at Bebe Gallini's. I believe it's actually a piece of wrapping paper. I framed it & plan to pick up a few of their other sheets of paper for future projects ($3.95 each).
They have a great selection!

If you're looking for a nursery glider, you MUST get the one pictured below - It includes a matching ottoman, but for some reason, it didn't make it into this snapshot. The set is by Best Chairs, and it's part of their Storytime Series. It glides & swivels, and the ottoman glides, too. It is such a comfortable set and can be used in other rooms once it is no longer needed in the nursery - not true of so many gliders out there.

I found these letters at Hobby Lobby! Love them!!

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