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February 16, 2012

A Disappointing Conversation...

This past weekend, I was in line at a bookstore when I witnessed an extremely disappointing conversation between a mother and daughter. (The son was not included in the conversation, because he was laying under one of the display cases - kicking his legs and making loud noises. I would guess this boy to be approximately 8-10 years old. Ladies and Gentlemen, the finest of parenting skills were on display here - let me tell you.)

Anyway, back to the mother and daughter...They were getting ready to check out [in front of me] when the little girl spotted a rack of thank-you cards. She grabbed one of the cards and said, "Hey Mom! Can we get this for my teacher - "Mr. So & So"? I think he would really like it!" To which the mother responded *insert nasty,hateful voice*, "NO! We can MAKE him a card! Besides, I just got through spending a BUNCH of money on those teachers at Christmas!"

Now, I can't say for sure, but if "Mr. So & So" is anything like the teachers I know, he will love a hand-made card, but WHAT ON EARTH is this mom thinking? (My first thought was to smack her, but I was afraid I would see someone from church. ;-) My second idea was to confront her, but David was waiting in the car and I didn't want him to have to wait. My third plan {This is the one on which I settled.} was to bite my tongue {It's still bleeding!} and then rush out to the car and rant and rave to David about this beast of a human being!)

First of all, way to crush your daughter's generous spirit! Secondly, lady, this is not the best way to encourage your daughter to show her appreciation for all that her teachers do for her. Now, I realize there are some teachers who need to find a different occupation - they hate kids...they put no effort in to creating their lessons...they only teach "to get the summer off" get the idea. However, most teachers I know LOVE their students; enjoy making learning fun; and spend COUNTLESS HOURS (even in the summer) making sure that their kiddos are flourishing - and not just academically, either!

I wonder of "Mr. So & So" arrives to school early - stays late to work in his classroom - spends his free time creating fun learning activities - loses sleep over the emotional well-being of his students - attends meetings/trainings in the evenings and on the weekends - grades papers at the dinner table - willingly spends part of his paycheck to invest in resources that will make his classroom a better place. You get the idea - I think I would've bought him the thank-you card.

Teachers, check out my favorite ideas for really connecting with your students!

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