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April 17, 2012

Caleb's First Easter

Our Easter weekend began with a "Good Friday" trip up the interstate to visit some friends in another part of the state. Caleb loved meeting a few of his "aunts"! His Aunt Alayna got him some fun springtime books (She knows me well!), and he loves them! His favorite book is a Curious George book that is full of mirrors - He likes to admire himself in the mirrors. *grin*

On the way to church on Easter Sunday morning, Caleb took a little nap. He wanted to be ready to play with Daddy throughout the entire service.

Just like for Valentine's Day, the grandparents sent all kinds of goodies Caleb's way - so we added their surprises to our little stack of presents.

We decided to start an Ebelskiver Easter Tradition - making some of them without any filling as a reminder of the empty tomb!

As thankful as we are for the resurrection, we liked the ones stuffed with chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, etc. the most!

Leading up to this special holiday, Caleb and I read lots of Easter books together. The day before Easter, I found a few more at a yard sale. One of the ones I liked the most is pictured here - "My Easter Basket". Such a cute Easter book - look it up if you don't already have it!
Just a little side-dish to go with our Ebelskivers~

For me?!
Caleb loved his Easter card from Pop & G.G.

Papa & Granna sent Caleb a load of things to help him prepare for summer!
Here he is trying on his new shades.

Daddy always gets an Easter basket, too and Caramel Cadbury Eggs are his favorite!

I picked this up for David's Easter basket this year - a white chocolate deviled egg. How fun is that?!

Caleb did not need ANY help tearing apart his Easter basket! He dove right it, and pulled all of his goodies out with no problem. His favorite part was the Easter grass, of course!

Following our little family celebration, we headed outside for a few spring photos! Enjoy!

The two loves of my life!

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