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March 29, 2012

My Laundry Miracle

My Laundry Miracle

 Just before leaving to go out of town this past weekend, I was finishing up one final load of laundry and that's when disaster struck! I was pulling Caleb's things out of the wash, when I realized E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in the load was ruined where something brown had bled. This was definitely a surprise to me as I am super careful about what I wash - how I wash it - what I wash it with - you get the idea. 

The only person I know that is more particular about their laundry sorting is my mother. Her light purple cotton load is never washed with her light purple cotton & spandex load (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea). 

Anyway, I panicked when I saw that all of Caleb's favorite (I mean, my favorite) sleepers, blankets, etc. had been ruined by this weird turn of events. What do I do when I'm overwhelmed and not sure what to do? I cry - then I call David - then I call my mother. This three-step process always helps me work through my problems. 

I understand if you are thinking, "Liz, there are people in the world with REAL trials and difficulties, so pull yourself together!" However, when something like this happens - in the moment - it feels pretty stinkin' frustrating. 

Following my tearful rounds of phone therapy, I gathered my thoughts and remembered reading (multiple times) that vinegar can fix messes like this, so I gave it a try & IT WORKED! When I rewashed the load (including 1 cup of vinegar along with my soap), almost everything was miraculously rid of the nasty brown ick! A couple of pieces have yet to recover, so let me know if you have any ideas, but thank you, vinegar for working a miracle for me last Friday!

Part 2:
At the start of this week, I made Caleb a batch of blueberries - which he's been eating for breakfast this week. One morning - as he was going down for his nap - I walked in to check on him and saw what I thought was blood everywhere (all over him/all over his crib sheet/everywhere!) I panicked until I took a closer look and realized that he had spit up some of his blueberries and smeared them all over the place.

What a relief that he hadn't busted up his little face, but now I had another round of crazy stains to take care of - I realize that my life (especially with a little boy) is going to be full of fighting stains, but this event made for Major Mess #2 in a week's time. So, needless to say, I grabbed my handy-dandy bottle of [You guessed it!] vinegar! Over the weekend, I picked up an extra-large bottle of distilled white to keep with my laundry supplies. Anyway, I am pleased to say that all of the blueberry stains washed right out of the bedding - Score...again!!

Here are a few other ways in which I've used vinegar in the past:
(Can you tell we are quickly becoming best friends?)

- Cleaning the Garbage Disposal
- Cleaning the Clothes Steamer
- Cleaning the Iron (before I started using a clothes steamer)
- Cleaning the Humidifier

Do you know of any other ways vinegar can be put to use? If so, please post below & I promise my next post will not be about vinegar! (Unless, of course, I make another great discovery about it!)

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