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April 24, 2012

Lying to Your Kids

I recently read an article that encouraged parents to not feel guilty about lying to their children when "necessary".

Here are a few of the scenarios that were presented:
If your child loses a tooth and you forget to leave money under their pillow, tell your children that "The tooth fairy takes off every (insert day of the week) night." and leave the money under their pillow the next night.

If your child wants to go to the park, and you need to go home, tell your child that "The park closes at (insert time of day) everyday."

If your child wants to eat a restaurant that you don't like, tell them, "I'm sorry, but (insert name of restaurant) burned down." and be sure not to drive by the still-standing location.

Many thoughts come to mind regarding this, but I'll share this one: Do people really think their kids are that stupid? Oh my...

My parents were always completely honest with us - to the point that we knew [from the start] that Santa Clause was just make-believe. For their efforts to always be truthful, I thank them!

How about a picture of me with my brother? I realize this has little to do with the above post, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway! =) I've always liked this one of us!
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