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May 4, 2012

Have you Considered a Babysitting Swap?

My friend and I are both in the same boat - Our families don't live in the area and our husbands work long hours. We have both agreed that we are a little jealous when we hear our friends talk about their mom or mother-in-law coming over to help out during the week; watch the baby so they can take a nap or go on a date night with their hubby; etc. So, we have come up with a little plan that is working out wonderfully!

Have you considered a Babysitting Swap?
Have You Considered a Babysitting Swap?

Every other Wednesday, I watch her little boy (along with mine) and vice versa. The first Wednesday we did this, I watched both boys while my friend went off to attack a shopping list that required a little concentration. She returned with a sense of accomplishment - feeling refreshed and renewed and to tell you the truth, I had a pretty easy afternoon with the boys. They alternated naps and snacks and they played well together (except for when Caleb pulled my friend's little boy's hair - we'll have to work on that). While I realize every Wednesday will not be a total breeze, we're off to a great start here!

This past week, my friend watched Caleb (along with her little boy) while I spent the afternoon at the spa. I have not had a massage since I went to get a prenatal massage during my second trimester. With this being my birthday month (yes, I celebrate all month long) as well as the month of my first official Mother's Day, I decided that I was completely deserving of some pampering. It was absolutely glorious! I have never, ever, ever been disappointed when I've treated myself to a swedish rub-down ~ Heaven! Hopefully, my friend was telling the truth when she said the boys were well-behaved for her while I was gone. ;-) Caleb has been left in the care of very few - So to have a friend we can trust watch Caleb for a few hours while I go run a few errands is really nice! I think a massage can be considered an errand, right? *grin*

I think both my friend and I are planning what our future Wednesdays will hold in store - There is going to probably be a Wednesday afternoon where I drive back home and crawl into the bed for the entirety of the afternoon - Boring, you say? I think it sounds absolutely perfect!

I must admit, though, that following my "Mommy Time" out and about, I could not wait to get back to my little man. I can't help it - I'm crazy about him!

Fellow Moms, what do you like to do when you get a few minutes to yourself?

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