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May 19, 2012

Family Time & Mother's Day

Thumprints & Handprints with an eight month old - Whew!
We planted petunias and made thumbprint flowers for each of the grandmothers.

My parents came down and spent some time with us! We celebrated lots of things together - Mother's Day, My Birthday, Father's Day, and my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.
When you live far away from family, this is what you do~

Yes, my mother is letting him play with dangerous sticks! Silly, Granna~ *smile*

Following my parent's visit, we headed to Roanoke for a couple of days.

This was a special Mother's Day gift from David and Caleb! David placed pictures down inside of Ball canning jars that had been filled with vegetable oil.
They are a perfect way to display pictures in the kitchen - I love them!

This is a picture of Caleb and his cousin posing with one of their great-grandmothers.

Caleb had a great time visiting his other Great-Grandma, too. I would love to tell you that he was sweetly gazing up into her eyes, but he wasn't. He had spotted her "Happy Mother's Day" mylar balloon, and just following this snapshot, he was able to grab the balloon and begin beating his sweet grandmother with it. She's alot of fun, so she didn't mind at all.

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