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May 31, 2012

My Favorite Toys by Caleb B.

I'm not sure why my Mommy and Daddy buy me toys, because there are a few things around here that are far more interesting than toys!

I love playing with Tupperware containers - inside of my bathtub.

The Tivo remote is so cool! I heard Mommy telling Daddy - just the other day - that she thinks the remote is starting to have "issues" because I've slobbered all over it so much. *blush*

These Huggies packages make the funnest crinkle sound! I especially like when they're completely empty, and I'm glad my mommy lets me keep them and play with them sometimes.
She's hoping that allowing this doesn't cause me to have hoarding problems down the road.

Who needs food when the bowls that it's in are so much fun to chew on (and throw)?!

No toy compares to my plastic strawberry that MUST stay inside this plastic bag. My grandparents worry that my Mommy and Daddy let me play with plastic bags, but I tell them it's okay. My parents never leave me unattended with my favorite toy - They know how much I love shaking my strawberry bag.