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August 22, 2012

We're Officially Cool....Kind Of

We have officially left behind our old-school phones and are now the proud owners of smart phones. This is a huge deal for us tight-wads, but we felt that Verizon's new Family-Share Plan made a little more sense than what they were offering before, so we took the plunge & there is absolutely no going back - EVER!
We are so in love. Yes, with each other - but also with our phones. As you can see in the above picture, I actually think my hubby now loves his phone more than he loves me. ;-)

Within minutes of setting up my phone, the following apps were added: Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Craig's List, and Double Twist. Folks, I've known what I've wanted for quite some time - I've been ready, and a beast has been unleashed.

I have probably spent the most time using the Craig's List app. In an e-mail to my friend this afternoon, I actually confessed to her that I found myself checking Craig's List in the middle of the night this past week. This ridiculousness has forced me to now strictly follow Phone Rule #1 - [Since Caleb is my alarm clock], the phone MUST stay charging in the kitchen at night. It is not allowed on the nightstand when I go to bed.

So, what phone rules do you follow? & More importantly, what [free] apps do you love? I told you I was a tight-wad - Now, I'm just a tight-wad with a smart phone.

Better Late than Never

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