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September 27, 2012

Caleb's First Birthday

Good News! Two days before his first birthday, my little man took his first steps. I wouldn't say he is officially tottering all over the place - He's still a little scared to take off completely, but he's definitely started testing out the waters, and we are so proud of him!

Bad News! At Caleb's party, we forgot to sing "Happy Birthday"! What kind of mother am I? I truly feel terrible about this! However, David and I sang "Happy Birthday" to him on his birthday, and since his party wasn't officially on the anniversary of his birth, I've decided that it's okay., it's not ok. I will never forget such a horrible mistake.

Enjoy a few pictures from our time together celebrating the sweetest little boy in the world...

I greeted the "Birthday Boy" with smiles and song, and this is the response I got.
As you can see, we are not morning people, but a trip to Starbucks changed everything!

Next, we headed to the lake for a family picnic.
We told Caleb that if he was well-behaved, we would take him to the park afterwards.
(We didn't really tell him that, but he was pretty chill during our lunch. You realize it is important for me to point this out, because outings with a one-year-old are not always "chill".) 

Ta-da! Caleb's first time in a swing. At first, he was holding on for dear life!

It didn't take him long to let go, though!

I've always loved the swings!
The next morning, we ate breakfast with David's family at one of our favorite local spots.

What a fun morning! As you can see here, Caleb's cousin was feeling very relaxed~

After breakfast, my parents arrived and the official party was off to a start. Yes, this is the party where I forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" to my child. *forever ashamed*
I just love this picture of Caleb's grandmothers lovin' on him!
He thinks his grandparents hung the moon!

It was such a special day getting to spend time together! The only thing that was missing was my brother and his wife, but we are looking forward to seeing them soon!

No, there was no birthday cake. Insert *GASP* here. Caleb's G.G.'s famous banana pudding was our dessert for the day, and Cheerios are as sweet as things get for Mr. Caleb. You may think this is worse than not remembering to sing "Happy Birthday", but yes, I'm one of "those moms" who deprives their child of sweets.

Caleb loved playing with his cousin. It's fun watching them interact with each other!

"Look, Caleb! Check out your new Virginia Tech jersey."
"Wait just a second, Mom! I really love this box!"

David and I got Caleb a Radio Flyer wagon. You already know that we forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" and that my child didn't get any birthday cake. So now I'm sure you'll be glad to read one more juicy detail. We purchased Caleb's birthday gift off of Craig's List. Now that you've officially stripped me of any possible nominations for "Mom of the Year", I have to tell you that we saved over $200 buying his wagon this way, and it is in perfect condition! I'm currently Christmas shopping on Craig's List. Just kidding - maybe...

The following week, we spent time with my parents, and what a great week it was! My dad and I got to go on a date to the shooting range; My mom and I got to spend time together shopping; Caleb got to show off for his Granna and Papa; and we had such a special week together. 

As you can see, Caleb was all tuckered out from his exciting birthday week!
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