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February 19, 2013

Did Someone Say Moving Was Fun?

Hello, friends!

We are up to our eyeballs in moving boxes, packaging tape, and oddly-shaped random items that I have no idea how to fit in a normal-size box. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? My mom says she would rather have a baby than move. Uhhhh, moving is not THAT terrifyingly traumatic for me, but it does come in at second place.

What a lesson in contentment it has be for me to sit with piles of boxes/large pieces of furniture/etc. around me for months! Yes, I said months! I have literally almost If you know me personally, have you seen it in my eyes? I have truly almost lost what marbles I have left, and I can.not.wait to get moved, unpacked, and settled in a much better size space for our growing family. We are days away from this reality, folks. [Except for the fact that it will take me months to get my pictures on the wall - I always tell myself this is completely normal.]

My living arrangements have been temporary situations for oh, going on about 10 years now!

Enough is enough~

Watch us get transferred in 9 months and have to move out of state....wouldn't that be hilarious?

I am not laughing.

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