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March 28, 2013

Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned

This past weekend was supposed to go a certain way, but it turned out very different than imagined!

David and I were planning to spend his birthday weekend out of town - celebrating the wedding of sweet friends, enjoying a romantic kid-free overnight stay, laughing together over candlelit dinners, strolling hand-in-hand through antique shops (perfect spring weather included) - you get the idea. We had thought about renting a cabin in a nearby lake area...we had researched a stay in a cool little brick bakery turned bed and say the least, we were excited!

Insert Reality: For most of the very cold and rainy weekend, I was laid up in a hotel room - wearing head-to-toe flannel - praying to God that the antibiotics the doctor had given me for an upper respiratory infection would kick in immediately. While I laid in a fog watching "Selling LA" on HGTV, David headed out with the guys for the evening to "suffer through" March Madness and chicken wings. (Okay, he was having fun.) I barely made it through the wedding festivities. The next day, we grabbed a quick Mexican to-go order and picked up a couple-of must-haves from a nearby department store. Instead of holding my hubby's hand, I was clutching a prescription pill bottle, cough drops, vapor rub, and saline spray. Don't you wish you had been there?

As we traveled home, I spent the entire trip fantasizing about a hot shower and going straight to bed - In my fantasy, I was wearing a fresh pair of flannel pajamas. Yes, I have more than one set. Just as we were pulling in to our neighborhood, the phone rang. My parents were calling to inform us that Caleb had woken up sick. Soooooo, we spent most of the night in the emergency room~ All three of us (four - technically) slept on a hospital cot together... doesn't get much more romantic. Needless to say, there are no photographs from this weekend. The rain made my hair frizzy. The tissues made my nose red. The exhaustion made my eyes puffy. You get the idea.

What does this coming weekend hold in store? *drum roll, please* We're planning to do our taxes...finally. I'll be sure to take pictures of that - It will be riveting, no doubt.

Oh wait, I did take a picture of myself this morning - here you go:

In case you were wondering...Our friends had the sweetest ceremony, and are now happily married. My antibiotics eventually kicked in, and we are all feeling better.
This past week's motto: Be thankful - things could always be much, much worse.

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