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April 1, 2013

A Lowkey Easter~

This Easter was a little different than usual~ Since [for obvious reasons] runny-nosed children are frowned upon in the church nursery, we spent our Easter morning at home. While I was sad that Caleb didn't get to wear one of the fifteen Easter outfit options I had laid out for him; and while it was most definitely odd not gathering with our church family for worship, we had a really special morning together as a family.

We spent time in praise together and celebrated the day with Easter books, Easter baskets, a special Easter lunch, a 19-month old's version of an Easter egg hunt, and lots of outside bubbles and sidewalk chalk. 
As Easter approaches [or any holiday for that matter], I love reading both fun and serious books to celebrate the occasion. With teacher blood running through my veins, I just can't help but break out reading material for any and all celebrations.

I love putting together Easter baskets for my boys - Yes, David gets one, too! My mom is the one who makes sure I still have Easter morning goodies - I love this and so many other things about her! (Random Fact: She gave me my first tube of mascara in one of my Easter baskets - circa 1996ish. This was a huge deal - and let me tell you...I was lookin' lashy at that morning's Easter Sunrise Service. Is lashy a word? I kind of like it...)

Someway...Somehow, these glasses have become an annual part of our Easter celebration. Check out this next picture from Caleb's first Easter (2012):

Makes me smile every time I see it...
Caleb's favorite part of Easter - for the second year in a row - has been the Easter grass. Who needs candy?!

It was nice being together over the long weekend, and we are glad to be kicking these two-week-long colds to the curb! Happy Spring, everyone!

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