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April 4, 2013

An Easy Way to Organize & Display Collections

As we've been working to get settled in our new house, we have slowly but surely started to hang pictures, organize closets, etc. In the process of unpacking, I came across a few different collections of things that I didn't want to keep stored away in the attic for the next 50 years.

Canning Jars

I wanted a clutter-free way to include these collections in our decor, and canning jars -of various shapes and sizes - have served as the answer.

These wooden spools of thread belonged to my husband's grandmother. I love having them around to remind us of his sweet grandparents.

This is a jar of old bobbins we picked up at an antique shop in Tennessee. They spoke to us right away, and until we think of a different use for them, I love displaying them this way.

Some of these buttons are old - Some of them are new. Either way, I want to keep them handy. They will be great to use with Caleb for sorting/classifying activities. You didn't think I actually planned on using them to sew, did you?

We love the mountains, but we also love the beach! In our travels, we have collected so many beautiful shells, pieces of coral, rocks, sand dollars, etc. Here are a few shots of the way I have chosen to display some of these things:

I love decorating with personal items that will remind us of special memories that we have as a family. This was a super easy project to attack! The most time-consuming part was cleaning up the various jars we had picked up at yard sales, flea markets, etc.

I have one last grouping that I plan to display in this way - We have a collection of various coins from foreign countries, and I definitely don't want these pieces to remain in a box. I want to enjoy them~
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