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July 24, 2013

Summer Travels to the Beach & the Mountains

Our two favorite spots: the beach & the mountains! This summer, we've spent some time in both spots.

Last summer, Caleb was just learning to walk. Needless to say, this summer has been a whole new ball game! I do believe he ran miles and miles of beach this summer. I'm so thankful his daddy was able to keep up, because Mommy was in no condition to chase.

David is so glad to have a playmate on the beach. "Mommy just sits and reads all day - that's boring, huh, Caleb?!" Yes, that is my husband talking, and yes, they have matching sand shovels.
Our trip to Hilton Head was especially fun this year because Granna and Papa were there, too! We loved spending this time with them.

Baby Bump - Okay, that's way more than a bump...moving on...
Group shot! Seafood, anyone?

 Now...on to a few shots from the mountains~

Where's Mom?

There she is! See, I do come on the family vacations - I'm usually just behind the camera~

Our little mountain man~

Dear Lord, I can not thank you enough for the elevator that allowed me to make it to this spot. The stairs would not have been an option. Amen

We used this moment with the giant acorn to tell Caleb that his parents are nuts. He replied, "I know."

David could have died a happy man after he and Caleb attacked this hiking trail. It was adorable to see them spending this time together on Father's Day.
Our summer travels have come to an end! 
We are staying close to home awaiting our second little man's arrival. 
We will keep you posted~

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