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March 31, 2014

Yard Saling 101: There is No Magic Formula to Finding Bargains on Saturday Morning

Slowly but surely, people in our area are starting to have garage sales! I love this time of year, and by the end of April/first part of May, "Bargain Season" (Yes, I refer to it as a season of its own!) will be in full swing.

I oftentimes have people ask me if they can join me in my Saturday morning search for treasures - as if I have a secret formula for finding great stuff. I promise you, there are no hidden tricks! I assure you, bargain hunting with me is not a good luck charm. Today, I am going to share with you what you need to do to find great stuff out-and-about on Saturday mornings.

There is No Magic Formula to Finding Bargains on Saturday Morning

Tip #1: You have to get out of bed and GO! Yes, it is really that easy! You have to get up early, make yourself a cup of a coffee, and get.out.there! The early bird catches the worm, and if you are not willing to get up and go, you are not going to find the best stuff. Period.

Tip #2: Plan ahead. Throughout the week, I watch my local paper(s), and the night before, I check Craig's List. I used to live in an area where it was best to check the on-line newspaper/ad bulletin and local Facebook Yard Sale groups. I have tried a couple of Yard Sale apps, and I've not really been all that impressed. Find where people in your area are listing their yard sale info and watch for postings!
(Note: I used to live in a region where alot of folks had yard sales on Fridays! See if that's the case where you are located - Friday mornings can be a great time to shop.)

Tip #3: Go as much as possible. There are some Saturday mornings when I choose to stay home (for various reasons); There are some Saturday mornings when I'm out of town; However, most weeks, I go. Sometimes, I find ALOT of stuff, and other times, I find just a few things.

Tip #4: If you don't enjoy it, that's okay - don't do it. I do it because I find it fun! I do it because - $$for next to nothing$$ - I am able to provide clothes, toys, books, homeschooling supplies, home d├ęcor, etc. for my family. I do it because I am able to gather items for my local Pregnancy Center and other great charitable groups. I do it because I like to find items to refurbish and/or resell for a profit - My profit allows me to pay for the items I keep for my home and family. What a rush! I love it! If you don't enjoy it, stay in bed, and spend your Saturday doing something you love.

*When bargain shopping, only buy things you need or will use immediately!
Only buy items that have a specific purpose in mind...items that will quickly have a new home.
Do not veer away from this or you will - in no time - go from bargain hunter to hoarder.
There is a fine line...beware! *smile*

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