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July 19, 2014

A Peek In To Our Transportation-Themed Playroom Space

After sharing about my new little red shutter, I started getting questions about our transportation -themed playroom.
You wanted to see more, so I snuck in there and snapped a few pictures.

A Peek in to our Transportation Themed Playroom Playspace

This is from the doorway looking in to the room. When building the house, we made sure this room had a closet - for storage, of course; but we also wanted to make sure it could eventually be used as a bedroom when our kids age out of having a designated playroom space.
While I'm not typically much for themed rooms, this room has a transportation theme. While we were building our house, I kept an eye out for décor I wanted to use in this space, and we have loved how everything came together.
The curtains are from IKEA - We've actually been really pleased with their quality. We have the same curtains [in brown] in a couple of other rooms in our house.
The curtain rods are Allen Roth from Lowe's.

This is a framed puzzle that my mom found at a yard sale. The shelf is from Home Goods, and I wired on various metal/wooden items that I came across while thrifting, etc.

Check out this railroad box I found at a yard sale. They only wanted $10 for it - I hated to tell them that I would've paid much, much more.
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and it makes great toy storage!

We lined the inside with some thin wood (just for extra support), sanded a few little rough splintery spots, and threw some casters on the bottom. It's been perfect.
(By "we", I mean my husband.) He loves when I get a creative brainstorm. *Smile*

  The easel is the IKEA special, and the puzzle rack below is one of my favorite items from Melissa & Doug: Melissa & Doug Puzzle Storage Case Single Wire. We have a couple of the wooden ones as well - We use those in one of our upstairs spaces.

 These little gems were a Hobby Lobby special - love the burlap edging and rustic feel~

An original Chutes & Ladders board hangs on the opposite side of this window~ I found it an antique shop in Bristol, TN. It was $2 - Finding a childhood toy at an antique that was a weird feeling...

We use this closet for toy storage.

I found this little honey at a yard sale. The door opens for storage, but we don't use that feature in the playroom. The original owner purchased it at Home Goods then sold it to me for no where near the price she had paid.

 I found these four lovelies on Craig's List! The owner had made them for her little boy. He had aged out of his bedroom décor, and she was heartbroken over selling them. She found the vehicle decals on Etsy, and I love the way these turned out for her (and me)!

On the floor of the closet, we have two 4x4 storage shelves (from Ikea) - They sit side-by-side and they make playroom clean-up super easy for little hands.
(Yes, my toddler is responsible for cleaning up his own toys.)
Using Ikea's Kallax Shelving Units for Toy Storage

These snapshots make them look a tad orange, but they are actually a really great glossy red color - perfect for the room!

We use these great little dollar store baskets to hold smaller items - I already had these before I bought the storage units, so I decided to put them to use this way. They fit perfectly on the shelves~

On the top closet shelves - that my little guys can't reach - I store toys that are not in use: things I've purchased for down the road, toys they've recently grown tired of, etc.

In front of the closet is Ikea's little transportation rug~ I don't love it, but my boys do. They drive their cars around on it everyday, so until I find one I like better, we'll stick with this one.

Here are a few other fun pieces in the room:

A sweet little metal sign that hangs over the light switch - It was $1 at a yard sale.

 An awesome wooden railroad crossing sign - It was $2 at a yard sale.

 These fun metal road signs - Found them on Craig's List for $2 each. I believe they were originally from Hobby Lobby.

Just below these metal signs, etc. hangs this DIY magnet board that we made from an oil-drip pan. We've used it for lots of different things. We may also eventually put one in our homeschool space, but for now, it's perfect in the playroom.


A Family Rules sign from Hobby Lobby - 50% off - hangs right outside the playroom door...just above our little "time-out" area. It makes for many teachable moments. *smile*

Our Playroom Rules:
No shoes allowed.
No food allowed.
No drinks allowed - not even water cups.
Be sweet, don't throw toys, and have fun!

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