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July 25, 2014

Potato Head Parades - Our Favorite Rainy Day Activity

We are crazy about Mr. Potato Head! We have them in all sizes, themes, and on and on it goes!
While all the little pieces are enough to send a parent in to fits, I must say that we have a lot fun with this classic toy.
(This dollar-store basket helps me keep all of the accessories contained....for the most part. *smile*)
See those big Potato Heads on the end? They're called They're called Super Spuds, and they're awesome! They're really big; They're really, really fun; and they have tons of stuff inside of them - including smaller spuds! *alliteration alert*
We currently love having Potato Head Parades - each family member grabs a potato head and builds it just how he likes it - except Isaac...he just likes to chew on the a small dog would do...except he's an almost one year old.
  Then we line everyone's creations up and pretend to have a parade.
 Need a rainy day activity that will bring lots of laughs? This is it!
 I like for my Potato Heads to carry purses and wear earrings...completely normal.

  We also love all the fun Potato Head goodies by Play-Doh~

I was also excited to spot this idea on Pinterest.

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