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September 5, 2014

"Everyday Confetti" & Notes at the Table

At the beginning of the summer, I showed you this stack of books - my stack of summer reads! I am happy to tell you that I finished them...all of them. I would love to go grab coffee with you so I could tell you all the things all learned and all the ways I was challenged! 
In some of my upcoming posts, I plan to include some of my thoughts on these books! I will say right now that Melanie Shankle's books - Sparkly Green Earrings & The Antelope in the Living Room - are absolutely hilarious! She will have you in stitches! Do you follow her blog? She's pretty hilarious! 

In addition to that, I would like to recommend Everyday Confetti: Your Year-Round Guide to Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions by Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer from Proverbs 31.

This book is great for planners like me who like to look ahead on their calendar and map out special events, celebrations, etc. However, this book also works for the non-planner who may be looking for last minute ideas when it comes to family activities, holidays, etc.

As moms of busy children, we know how hard it is to carve out time with family. But in most homes, it is possible to set aside time every week to strengthen your family unity, to turn your hearts toward God, and to have fun in the process. They key is commitment, consistency, and a small amount of creativity. Don't worry about it being exactly right, and don't compare your family's plans with anyone else's. There's no perfect day, perfect amount of time, or perfect agenda.  (pg. 20)

This book gave me all kinds of great ideas - simple elements that can be added to holidays we already recognize as well as some fresh ideas that I think are going to be a lot of fun for our family. 

Here's a quick example of something I was inspired to do:

Notes at the Table
One evening - just before dinner - I grabbed a stack of sticky post-it notes and a sharpie marker. On individual post-its, I wrote something that I loved about each member of my family (Caleb's hugs...Isaac's smiles...David's get the idea). 
Then, I stuck the note on the underside of each person's seat at the dinner table. 

At a random point during our meal, I told everyone to look under their chair to find something that I loved about them. My little guys can't even read yet, but you would have thought I had hung the moon! 
This little splash of confetti took no time at all, but it set the tone for a sweet dinnertime together, and it made everyone feel special! 

This book is full of all kinds of great ideas - no matter what stage of life your family finds itself! 
I love the practical tips, yummy recipes, real-life examples, and creative inspiration.

As the caregivers in our homes and families, something deep within us calls us to pause and savor the moment we are in. Maybe it's because there were too many years that are a blur now. Too many moments we wished would hurry up and pass. Those are the times of regret. As we look into the faces of children growing up too quickly, of parents growing older, of friends packing to move, we often want time to stop while we breathe in the holiness of the moment God has given. Remember this moment, our heart whispers. Remember what this feels like. Life goes by too quickly, and at the end of the year, we can look back and wish the simple moments had been celebrated more.