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September 9, 2014

Vintage Toy Party - Isaac's First Birthday

I love creating hand-made invitations~ Our birthday parties are small family affairs, so this makes it completely doable for me to create the invitations~
I love layering and using various textures, materials, etc. and I usually have enough on hand to create coordinating thank-you notes to send after the party.

This year, I created a birthday banner - using pre-cut wooden banner cutouts and paper/sticker accessories from Michael's. This side shows "ISAAC", and this month, the other side will be home to Caleb's name. (His birthday is right around the corner.)
I found these fun paper lanterns at Party City. I love finding accessories there...and using their $5 off $25 coupons, but that's for a totally different post..
When our family comes to town for the weekend, I set up a drink station. 
It houses disposable cups and a sharpie marker. Everyone writes their name on their cup(s), and this keeps me from having to spend the weekend loading/unloading the dishwasher.
Everyone arrived on Friday, so for the Saturday festivities, I made sure the bones of the tablescape was set up and ready to go ahead of time. This allowed me to be able to spend time with our visitors rather than the party decorations. 
On the morning of the party, muffins and milk were served. These muffins are from Sam's Club...They are made fresh there, and they are world. 
Eat one and then read the nutrition facts on the box. 
(I advise you to follow these directions carefully, because if you read the nutrition facts first, you will not enjoy your muffin nearly as much.)

Following those amazing muffins, the menu for the birthday lunch included "light fare":
chicken salad and croissants
potato salad
various cheese, dips, etc. served with crackers/pita chips
vegetables & dip
milk & cookies

I loved including photos from our most recent session with Shannon Avason Photography.
In addition to serving muffins from Sam's Club, all of the other food was also from Sam's! I chose some of our favorite pre-made items - goodies that I know are delicious - but also easy, easy, easy to serve. 
Because my tablescape was prepared ahead of time, I was able to simply throw the yummies out on the table, toss the food containers, and let everyone have at it!

Blue and yellow were the colors of day, which is why I decided to serve blueberries and pineapple. This was a big hit with the little ones. 

The empty pitcher eventually held milk that was served in dairy glasses and teamed up with these amazing chocolate chip cookies....once again - from Sam's Club.

Blue (and yellow - not pictured) balloons - also from Party City~
My father-in-law loves candy, so I usually try to have something special like this set up with him in mind. 
I found this adorable growth chart at Hobby Lobby! 
I had been looking for a wooden one that fit our decor, and this one is perfect!
Isaac, We love watching you grow! Love, Mommy & Daddy
In addition to milk and cookies, we enjoyed some home-made ice-cream that Caleb and his cousin had helped make earlier in the day. It was delicious!
 Our recipe includes:
whipping cream
vanilla extract
It is completely perfect~
**This party was made possible by Michael's, Party City, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Sam's Club, thrift stores, my crafting supply buckets, and my mother's attic.

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Following each birthday party, I breathe for five minutes, and then I begin mentally planning that child's next celebration. Throughout the year, I keep an eye out for items that will coordinate with the theme/style that I have in mind. As I'm browsing my favorite stores, bargain hunting, etc. I come across items that I love, and by the time the big day rolls around, I have gathered everything I need to throw the party that I've created in my mind. No rushing around at the last minute. No settling for cheap junk. No overspending. I try to approach holidays, special celebrations, vacations, etc. this way - giving myself more than enough time to carefully plan and execute. I did the same thing with my wedding planning...However, I will stand and shout from the rooftops: "A nine month engagement is far too long!!" I don't recommend it...especially if you're in your late twenties...and you feel your biological clock ticking like a bomb. I digress.

Happy Birthday to my littlest love~ You make me smile everyday!