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September 10, 2014

Mommy Bloggers

Mommy Bloggers...
...we're everywhere...
...each with our own reason(s) for why we write.

I write because I wholeheartedly enjoy the writing process.
I write because the teacher in me can not resist sharing new things I have learned.
I write because - in some of my most difficult moments - other bloggers have encouraged me.
I write because of my passion to encourage and inspire and other moms.

Mommy Bloggers

But let's face it...
Before I was a mom, I was an elementary teacher. My classroom was my outlet for creating...for teaching...for encouraging. Now, my home is that place; but being home with little ones can sometimes feel lonely...isolating...more difficult than we ever imagined. We want to talk to someone. We want to find a place to belong. We want to feel creative and productive. We want to feel expert at something. We want to escape the difficulties of our day-to-day. So, we turn to blogging.

Would you allow me to suggest to you that it is in these moments when we find ourselves walking a fine line? We can not allow this blogging community (as wonderful as it is!) to replace real-life interactions. We must recognize and reject the falsehood that it will fulfill our legitimate need for face-to-face communication.

Fellow blogger, where are you at today?

Do you - like me - enjoy writing? Is blogging a fun hobby for you? Do you feel called to share in your online space? Then keep writing and sharing and inspiring others! I wholeheartedly believe that you can make a difference~

But maybe you've been blogging for years...and you're tired of it...or it is stressful for you...or your current stage of life just doesn't allow for it. Do you need to take a break? Do you need to shut down your space? I would challenge you to write and share only if you continue to have a love for it...not because you feel any kind of obligation to continue something that is no longer a passion of yours.

I have been blogging for two-and-half years. This space started as a way for me to share our day-to-day happenings with our out-of-town family and friends. The ironic thing is, most of those for whom this space was intended never even attempt to access it. My blog has taken off in a direction that I never really planned, and I am completely enjoying the ride....for this season.

Will my dream of publishing a children's book ever come true? I don't know~ Will this blog ever bring a six-figure salary for me? Probably not~ But that's okay~ It is my love for writing and my desire to openly and honestly share life with my readers that keeps me coming back each week.

A few things I do to keep blogging in its rightful place:

We stay very active outside of the house - preschool classes, play dates, mommy groups, church activities, field trips, etc. Mamas, this is so important! Your blog should not be a replacement for the flesh interactions with your children, your spouse, your friends.

I have a separate e-mail account for all blog-related business. It is not the e-mail account that I access on my phone. I have set it up to require me to log in each time. I keep a distance from it on purpose.

On my phone, all notifications are silenced. It is not until I actually pick up my phone that I notice activity. This helps to keep me disconnected, and it is a beautiful thing.

I do not blog when my children are awake. I reserve it for when they are asleep. Most mamas will tell you that managing the day-to-day of a household takes up most of any available time they might have when kiddos are sleeping, so I do my best to make sure the most important tasks are attended to before I sit down to create.

I do not blog everyday. I write only when I want to write...only when I feel inspired. As posts come together, I post-date them which allows me to have content "going-live" on days when I'm especially busy or during weeks when we're out-of-town or throughout the holidays when I know my focus will be elsewhere.

I enjoy taking photos and sharing through social media - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...all super fun to me and allow me to quickly connect with my readers on days when maybe I've not posted any new material in my blogging space. Once again, however, if you enjoy these outlets, jump right in - but if you don't, do not feel pressured to "keep up".

There are so many great opportunities out there - invitations to guest post; affiliate programs to join; social media groups to be a part of; link-ups to participate in; articles to read about sponsored posts, new money-making strategies, and on and on and on and on it goes. I absolutely can not keep up with all of that information as well as keep dinner on the table...laundry put away...and pre-school activities attended. There is just too much. May I suggest focusing on just a couple of areas? Be realistic. Give yourself grace. Do not try to do everything at once. You will surely get overwhelmed. I speak from experience.

Which brings me to my final thought, try your absolute hardest to keep from comparing yourself to others. So easy to say, but not so easy to follow. There will always be a bigger blogger out there...a better writer out there...a more creative person out there. Be you. Share your heart. Your readers will respect you and love you for it.

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