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November 7, 2014

Birthday Photo Books for Kids

Birthday Photo Books for Kids
Birthday Photo Books for Kids

A couple of months ago, I mentioned this Birthday Book that I made when my oldest turned three:
 When my boys turned one, I gifted them with a photo album that included pictures of them with each of their close relatives. With our family living out-of-town, this has been a great way for them to feel connected with their family, learn each of their names, etc. 

For my oldest's most recent birthday, I put together a little album for him that included pictures of from over the past few years - focusing less on his first baby pictures and including more recent snapshots from events, trips, etc...Things that he actually remembers. This was nothing fancy - just snapshots placed in a simple album.

Then I left a few empty spots to fill in the coming months~

I knew he would love it, and he sat there and soaked in each of the pictures. 
It was one of my favorite moments of this year's celebration.

I think you could do this for anyone...for any occasion...The goal is to keep it simple, while still special. I enjoyed walking down memory lane without the pressure of creating a complicated scrapbook, etc.

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