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January 30, 2015

Just when my pants started to fit again...

So I decided to head out for a girl's night...We were supposed to be enjoying a night on the town... which in the mommy world is code for an early movie and then rushing back home to your pjs so you can watch "How It's Made" with hubby before calling it a night.

On the way to meet my friend, I just didn't feel right...I felt totally weird...So I decided to stop at Wal-greens and buy a pregnancy test. Why? Because I felt so weird that I thought THAT could be the only explanation. The dates didn't add up...there's no way it could be possible...well, not really...I mean...we weren't even really trying...whatever that means...and oh my goodness, who talks about that kind of thing on their blog? Annnnnyway...I felt so odd that I didn't know what else it could possibly be.

You know what it was? The most horrid stomach bug I have had in years to be exact, and with all that goes along with pregnancy, can I just say that I would much rather be 15 months pregnant than have a 12-hour stomach bug that I truly thought was going to take my very life?

And then my husband got it...Heaven help us. I can't even bear to relive those hours...

Fast-forward to New Year's Eve when three...yes, three...pregnancy tests told us the news that we were expecting! I will tell you that I am typically just a one-test kind of gal...Two lines on that stick and I'm good to start picking out nursery decor. So why three tests, you might ask? Well, I was terrified that it was another stomach bug...

...just kidding...I actually didn't start to feel any symptoms until the week hubby had to go out of town for work. Awesome. Totally awesome.

When this last-minute news of hubby's came shortly after the life-changing news that baby #3 was on the way and for the next 6 weeks I would feel like a tractor trailer had mowed over me, I did the only reasonable thing a girl can do. I started texting the babysitters...."Uh, are you free Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday?" Unfortunately, no one was available all three days - as I had so desperately hoped; but I was planning to rotate them through these doors in an effort to survive until hubby's plane landed...BUT THEN I woke up with the most.horrible.sore.throat I've ever the babysitters had to be cancelled...everything had to be cancelled...and I did my best to survive until hubby's plane landed at 6:17pm on Thursday evening.

Thankfully, after two days, the sore throat went away - I'll blame it on the change of weather.

The "hit like a semi" feeling...well, that has not gone away...still working through that.

We have received various responses to our news! We loved this response from one of David's best buddies: "Well, Congratulations to the Duggars!" Cracked us up~ But the one that took the cake was David's 90+ year-old grandmother - The conversation went something like this:

David: "Grandma, we're going to have another baby."
Grandma: "So did you get pregnant on that cruise?"
David: "No, grandma - I don't think so."
Grandma: "So then when DID it happen?"

This sweet lady is always full of surprises~

Now...on to more important details that I know will have you on the edge of your seat.

You see, I swore I wouldn't try for baby #2 until I had lost my baby weight from baby #1...and though my body never went back to "normal", I didn't have too much trouble taking off the weight.
When I say didn't have too much trouble, I mean that by Caleb's first birthday, I was back to normal (for the most part). I'm not one of those back in my size 2's the next month kind of post-partum woman...who am I kidding? I have never worn a size 2...not in my whole entire life.

This time around, I made myself the same promise about losing the weight...but with baby number two, the weight came off more slowly. I've been told it's "due to my age". What in the world? I'm still 18 - Why would someone say something like that? And might I add that I'm only about 2 minutes older than I was when I gave birth to my oldest? (My oldest is three.)

Moving there's been about 7.83 lbs. right there in my belly that has decided to hang around for the rest of my life. However, I have learned how to strategically squeeze down in some of my pre-baby jeans. Ladies, it's not been pretty; and I will tell you right now, it's not been comfortable. My muffins tops have turned in to a rather large spare tire; and if you've seen me over the past handful of months, I will tell you, I have been uncomfortable and hardly able to breathe...unless you saw me in my pajamas....then I was probably breathing more normally.

So you may be wondering, "How much weight do you gain anyway, lady?" Well, with my first baby, I gained about 60 lbs. & with my second baby, I gained about 5 more than that - That would be 65 lbs...just in case you weren't sure.

As you pick your jaw up off the floor, I will say:
[Number One] My first baby was 9 lbs. 6 oz. and my second baby was 10 lbs. 4 oz.
[Number Two] I carry very high levels of amniotic fluid.
(Sure, go right ahead and send me an award for this accomplishment.)
[Number Three] I - for some reason - end up very pregnant in the summer, so I swell up from the heat and....well, anyway, let's just say I spend a lot of time in the pool.
[Number Four] When not pregnant, I eat low-carb (not no-carb but low-carb). However when pregnant, carbs are the ONLY thing that keep my stomach settled....and I would rather be big than sick.

Sure, here and there I have a Cookout Milkshake and indulge in various other "Excuse me, I'm pregnant!" treats; but when pregnant, my body simply goes crazy absorbing those carbs that it's missed so terribly, and I pack on the weight...even with just a few "here and there" treats. Thankfully (both times), I've lost about 30-35 lbs. at the hospital (10 lbs. of that being the baby...who comes home with us in a carseat...) - and nursing for a year each time has also helped tremendously. For the first few months after having my babies, I am asked "When are you due?" (What is wrong with people?) I typically smile and point to the NEWBORN BABY quietly sleeping in the carrier I am holding. (Once again, what is wrong with people?)

Here's a little glimpse in to all the sweet comments people make to big pregnant girls (and when I say people I mean Diary of a Big Pregnant Girl

So how am I handling things this third time around? Just like with Baby #1 and Baby #2, my sickness is only curbed with, I've found myself eating them...I've been keeping a little diary of how I've been feeling - I'll share that with you soon. It involves weird food cravings and odd outbursts of crying. Thank the Lord that I am married to the most patient man on earth.

...So just when my pants started to fit again...We found out that our family was growing...and we are thrilled...

...Look for me at the pool...I'll be the big mama sitting in the baby pool...