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May 21, 2015

Pink Camo Bridal Shower

This past weekend, we celebrated my brother and his wife! 
They are an active couple that love to spend time fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors, so a pink camo bridal shower was the perfect way to spoil my brother's one true love!

Bridal Shower

The decor was woodsy...with splashes of pink...and accents of burlap.

There were a few antlers and bear claws mixed in as well~

The sweets table included all kinds of fun candies and treats that - on this day - 
went by different names:

Orange Slices - Hunter Orange Slices
Boston Baked Beans - BBs

Poppycock - Bear Crunch
Pixy Sticks - Gun Powder

Combos - Rifled Slugs
Chewy Caramels - Bull's Eyes

This table was a hit...

but the lunch table was also fun!

 We served "Sloppy Does" (Sloppy Joes)...

"Loaded Shells" (Mac & Cheese)...

 "Rabbit Food" (Veggies w/ Ranch & Fruit w/ Dip)...

and Kettle Chips...

We used a couple of these gorgeous decanters for Pink Lemonade & Sweet Tea...

and it was such a fun afternoon of celebrating!