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June 8, 2015

How I Dress My Kids for Free

Do you find yourself breaking the piggy bank as you purchase cute clothes for your kids? 
I have found a way to basically dress my kids for free, and it is absolutely possible for you to do the same thing!

Dress Kids for Free

When it comes to the day-to-day expenses, I am convinced that kids are going to be as expensive as you allow them to be

Around here, we have found a way to dress our kids for free, and today I'm sharing a little bit about how we make that happen!

*Throughout this post, be sure to click on the images - They include more detail on each topic!*

Where do I shop? 
By the end of April/first part of May, Yard Sale season is in full swing here in our area, and if we are in town...and the weather is will find me out shopping on Saturday mornings. 
I regularly find top name-brand items - either new with the tags or in like new condition - for literally next to nothing. 

During the off-season, thrift stores, consignment sales, clearance racks/sales, etc. are my fair-weather friends. However, rarely is it really necessary that I purchase anything, because while out on those Saturday morning summer bargain-hunts, I am able to purchase most everything my kids need for the year (as well as some items for a year or two beyond). Do I ever buy anything new? Yes - especially when it comes to older boys' jeans, pajamas, and shoes - but in the next section, you will see how I bargain shop for these and use my overages to cover their cost.

How are items "free"?
While bargain-shopping, I consistently find quality items that my family can use. If it is something we need, I buy it, and we put it to use. Sometimes I will also pick up items that we plan to donate to some of our favorite locate charities. However, there are some items that I buy for the express purpose of reselling. With these money-maker items, I not only pay for any items that I purchase for us to keep, but I come out in the green overall. It is the exception - not the rule - for me to I buy quality items from the following categories: clothes, accessories, books, homeschooling supplies, art/craft items, home décor, etc. I am purchasing ALL of these things while thrifting! I am paying for ALL of these things for my family and making extra cash by reselling things the items that I bought for that purpose.

Where do I sell?
Craig's List, Ebay, Facebook Yard Sale Groups, Consignment Shops 

*I do not consign my kids' clothes.* 

In the end - at no cost to me - I am able to provide needed items for my family, gather items for our local Pregnancy Center and other great charitable groups, and make a profit that will benefit my home and family! I love being able to make this happen, and anyone can do it!

Buying to Resell

Something like this could be a great idea even when it comes to kid's clothes: