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July 1, 2015


Welcome July!
Summer is in full swing, and each month is one step closer to our meeting our baby girl!
We are so excited!

Currently, I'm...

Craving - This pregnancy has brought with it a love for salad. Before you start thinking that sounds like a good thing, I will admit to you right now that I do not believe a salad is a salad unless there is a.l.o.t. of cheese on it...and a happy dose of yummy dressing - low-fat dressings need not apply. Pssst...I also may or may not have recently indulged in this piece of heaven on earth...

Grilling - We have been giving our grill a workout! Talapia, Salmon, Steak, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Veggies, Pizzas, we've been grilling it all!

Listening - We have been listening to Christmas music. For our family, this isn't really an unusual occurrence...We enjoy it year-round - and a little extra lately as we look forward to Christmas in July. There are some parts of the holidays that I prefer to leave in December, but Christmas music...well, it's welcome around here anytime.

Planning - We are currently planning our final weeks before our baby girl arrives. There are a few people I would like to see before we bunker down at home with a newborn, and there are a handful of projects I would like to complete before her arrival.

Decorating - Speaking of projects, we are getting her nursery ready as we speak. When you start putting together a little one's space, it makes their arrival feel so close you could just jump up and down...but when largely pregnant, I suggest keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground.
When I found this wall hanging at Hobby Lobby, I may have screamed...or burst in to tears...or loudly yelled, "There! That one! That's it!" Whatever I did was enough to make the friend who was with me consider an intervention on my behalf.

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