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July 2, 2015

My Love Hate Relationship with Target

Are you a Target shopper? At Target, scoring deals is easy - thanks to their awesome coupon-stacking policy! Their customer service? Now that's another story...

Join me in chatting about  My Love Hate Relationship with Target:

Things I Hate:
Customer Service: It is rare that I have a good experience with Target's Customer Service...whether in store...or on-line...or over the phone. I will leave it at that. 

Website: I have never been able to log on to Target's website (and I've spent a lot of time on there over the years), and had their site function correctly without any issues. Before I log on, I prepare myself that I am going to be incredibly frustrated before the process comes to an end. 

Location of Bathrooms in Store: I would prefer if there were bathrooms in the front and the back and on each side of the know, for people with potty-training toddlers in tow...but this something that I wish was true about every store.

Things I Love:
Inventory: Target's inventory...well, to put it simply, it's dangerous.

Shopping Carts: I love how smooth their carts glide through the store...and I love the size of their shopping carts...and I love that I finally found a shopping cart cover to cover the ginormous child seat on the front of the cart.

Cartwheel: As much as I am loving the Walmart's Saving Catcher program, Target still wins in my book because here's what happens....I use my Cartwheel app to save an additional percentage on some of the items that I purchase (You load deals on to the app - You can even scan your items in store to see if there is a deal on them that day.). I pay with my Target card to save an additional 5% on everything. 

Coupon Policy: On top of those two things, I also use lots of coupons. Target allows you to stack Target coupons with manufacture coupons. I do all of this at checkout and save loads this way! 

Target Card: With the Target card, shipping is always free (no minimum purchase), so it's also nice to have things quickly shipped to the house. Like the time I ran out of baby q-tips...I purchased them for just over a $1.00, and Target had them at our doorstep the next afternoon. 
*If you are not able to pay off your credit cards every.single.month with no exceptions, do not touch the Target card with a ten-foot pole.*

Grocery Prices: While Target does not get any praise from me for their customer service or their website functionality, I will say that I save lots of money there! Oh yeah, and their groceries? In my our local least on the items we buy...Walmart's prices really aren't any cheaper. *This may differ from region to region - I'm not sure.*

Starbucks: Our Target has a Starbucks inside - no explanation necessary.
Psst...did you know you could use your Target Card at the Target Starbucks and save an extra 5% on your coffee? Hallelujah. (Target gift cards work at "Tarbucks", too!)
P.S. Tarbucks = Target + Starbucks.

Speaking of Target...and gift cards, I just love this little Teacher Gift Idea from Landee See Landee Do. The beginning of the year...the middle of the year...the end of the year...

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