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July 8, 2015

Homeschool Pre-school at the Beach

When we head to the beach, there is one little extra bag we bring along for our little ones: 
We pack a bag of beach-themed books and activities that are perfect for keeping little ones engaged during down-time in the condo

When it's time to prep meals...or when one little one is resting and the other one is awake...or when kiddos are waiting on grownups to get ready to head out...this bag of goodies comes in handy!

The teacher in me can not help but consider educational activities that fit right in to the homeschool pre-school activities we typically do

Ever considered carrying your homeschool pre-school routines over in to your beach vacation? 
Keep it laid-back, fun, low-key, creative, all of those things, and I promise you will never again leave home without your little bag of activities. 

Homeschool Pre-school at the Beach
Homeschool Pre-school

Beach-Themed Books...

A few of our favorites...

A few more of our favorites...
Visit Amazon for these favorite titles:

A huge thank you to Shelton Interactive for sending over this gorgeous new Graham Blanchard board book by Callie Grant!

I love the vibrant language...

the gorgeous illustrations...

the realistic scenes...

that remind me of a day at the beach with my crew.

Order Here

A festive beach-themed plate can be fun for little ones to bring along in their bag as well.
(Though we typically use lots of paper products when traveling.)

Ready-to-put-together paper crafts...
(Check the VBS section at your favorite craft store!)

tinsy, tiny paint canvases...
(I found this little one at Wal-mart.)

sticker activities...
(Isn't the Dollar Store fun for these kinds of things?)

cutting practice pages.
(This is a snapshot from our favorite I Can Cut Workbook.)

Don't forget the following:
small watercolor set
safety scissors
glue stick

and you'll be all set!

Psst...Don't forget the seashells! These will typically be waiting at the beach for you, and they are the perfect objects to use for counting, sorting, classifying, etc.

Don't forget to bring your favorites home with you. Over the years, our favorite shells...just our favorites...have been added to jars like this and displayed around our house. 

Oh yes, the sand will be there waiting for you as well - Use that for handwriting practice, drawing shapes, creating art!
The sky's the limit~

While we love spending time at the beach, we also love the mountains as well! 
We also pack a bag for that trip as well - same idea just a different theme.

**Some of the activities included in these themed bags are also perfect for mini-van travel!**