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July 18, 2015

Our Saturday so far...

So, earlier this week I noticed a yard sale sign for a multi- family sale being held not too far from my house. Something about the sign just made me feel like it was going to be a good sale, so I planned to hit it early this morning. We had some other things we needed to do this morning, so I knew I wasn't going to be able to shop for long, but I definitely wanted to hit this particular sale...and maybe a couple of other early ones that I had noticed on Craig's List.

The sale was advertised for 7am, which means I would plan to arrive between 6:30am-6:45am. If an ad explains that early birds are NOT welcome, I don't arrive early, but most people are set up and ready to go...ready for you to buy!

I arrived at this sale around 6:45am. Usually, other early birds are shopping with me at that time, but not today. You see, it's been so hot here lately that there just aren't as many sales as you will find here from the end of April through the first part June. So, needless to say, there weren't alot of people out and about...and boy did that just add to the fun of what happened this morning.

Picture an overly organized, obsessive-compulsive, germaphobic woman who has an obsession with handbags, The Container Store, and Pottery Barn. Hallelujah. That is all I have to say.

I was in Heaven. Everything was meticulously organized. Everything was exceptionally clean. Everything was fairly priced. & I have never been more excited to hear that someone was accepting credit cards as a form of payment at their yard sale.

Is that a thing where you live? I've noticed more and more people doing it, and it's awesome! Not because I buy more than I can afford...but because I am able to earn cash back on my yard sale purchases. Yes, I realize that sounds insane...insanely beautiful.

Needless to say, I left the sale with a feeling of euphoria. I hit two other sales, then I headed home to meet up with my crew.

We had big plans to go to a farm this morning, and that is what we did. We were planning to make it for the 9am tour...never dreaming how hot and humid it would already be at 9am.

We fed the animals...We witnessed a pig finish delivering a litter of 9 piglets...and her placenta...(Isn't that a nice thought?)...We milked a cow...well, it was a simulated situation...but still. Between the birthing of the piglets...the delivery of the placenta...and the milking of the cow, I began to have sweaty palms and shortness of breath as I pondered the fact that in just a matter of weeks, I will be delivering a child...and a placenta...and then I will spend the next year of my life feeling like Bessy the Cow...if you know what I'm saying.

Okay, I'll move on...the above paragraph quite possibly made you feel very uncomfortable.

After a morning at the farm, we went to Cracker Barrel...we ordered eggs and bacon (#farm)...and maybe a whole lot of hashbrown casserole (#heaven). I asked my hubby the following question: "Why doesn't Cracker Barrel have a drive-thru that allows you to order coffee and hashbrown casserole?" Is it only pregnant people who think like this?

Following our glorious "Old Timer's Breakfast" feast, we headed to the mattress store to pick up a new set of mattresses for my oldest kiddo. We strapped the set to the top of our mini-van (because we are cool)...and we headed home...only to find out that the weather radar was incorrect...and the storm that was scheduled for 2pm was actually going to hit [with a vengeance] at 1pm. What kind of weatherman could make this kind of mistake?! *insert dramatic sigh*

We decided to drive, drive, drive as far as we could...but once the storm started we were forced to pull off and find cover. It was either a drive-thru car wash or the overhang of our local funeral home. I feared that a funeral service would be in process and we would be the Clampetts sitting outside rudely causing a scene, so we opted for the car wash. We sat there for approximately 43.2 minutes. I sipped my to-go Cracker Barrel coffee and read a magazine...while hubby tracked the radar on his phone...and my littlest one slept...and my oldest talked non-stop.

When the storm began to clear, we finished our trek home...removed the mattress set from the top of the van (We should have paid the $100 delivery fee.)...put the boys down for naps...then settled in for an episode of "Duck Dynasty".

It was during this time of relaxation when hubby and I devoured a batch of diced avocados and tomatoes - both purchased this morning at the farm. They were delicious. We didn't use the sodium-packed guacamole seasoning packet that we usually use, so this was a healthy snack...

...except for the Tostito chips that we used for dipping...

...never mind those.

P.S. If you would like to see a few photos from our day (including a glimpse of the goodies I found at that glorious yard sale), check out my Instagram account - I like to chronicle our adventures there.