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August 20, 2015

2 Easy Steps to Maintaining a Tidy Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home, which for us means that it can quickly become the messiest spot in the house! In the process of trying to figure out what works for our family, I have discovered 2 Easy Steps that make all the difference when it comes to maintaining order in our kitchen.

2 Easy Steps to Maintaining a Tidy Kitchen
Maintaining a Tidy Kitchen

Step #1
At night, load the dishwasher.
In the morning, unload the dishwasher. 

Step #2
Clear your counters every.single.night.
Clearing your counters may seem overwhelming at first, but if you start doing it every night, less will accumulate over time, and the task will not seem quite as overwhelming each time. Enlist help from the entire family! Encourage them to take responsibility for their stuff. Ask them to help you brainstorm ideas for how to get organized and keep up with this!

Need a few ideas to get you started?