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August 21, 2015

How to Save Money Shopping Kid's Consignment

Do you love consignment season? While I don't consign my kids' clothes, I will admit that shopping the sales can be a lot of fun! However, in order to make the most of shopping this way, there are some specific things I do to make sure I am actually saving money! 

How to Save Money Shopping Kid's Consignment will give you a glimpse in to my best practice, and I would love to hear what has worked for you!  

How to Save Money Shopping Kid's Consignment
How to Save Money Shopping Kid's Consignment

My Favorite Kid's Sale in the Carolinas: Kat's Kid Sale

Before You Shop:

As consignment season draws near, make a game plan! I like to check Consignment Mommies for a complete listing of all the upcoming sales in my area. After having my first little one, I hit several sales - and it was just too much! Too many sales...Too much stuff...just too much...but this did give me an idea of which sales would be my favorite in the future. Now I simply mark my calendar for a couple of my favorite sales and don't sweat it if I don't make it to any of the others. 

Before you head to the sales, browse your kiddos' closets
What do they need? What do they not need? 

As you're browsing, purge! Clear out items your kids no longer wear/need. Find a way to make money off of these items (You may even chose to consign them.), and then use the money to purchase needed items. This is - in part - how I'm basically able to dress my kids for free, and you can do it, too.

Now it's time to shop! 

My Top Tips for Shopping Kid's Consignment

While waiting to shop on half-price day might provide you some bargains, you definitely don't get the best selection. If at all possible, arrive at the start of the sale. You may even choose to consign your items simply so you can shop before the public - I totally get that!

Upon entering the sale, head straight for the section that includes that items that you need the most. For me, I have the most difficulty finding larger boys' sizes that are in nice condition - So I head straight for that section, and I usually find myself alone there! I grab the very best pieces I can find and then move to the sections that include plenty to go around for everything - like the little girl's section. There is always plenty to choose from there! 

Only shop for high end brands! When shopping consignment, skip over lower-end brands that can be found any time...for a low price. When I attack [especially] that larger boys' section, I'm looking for Ralph Lauren Polo...Gap...Boden...etc. - brands that I know are harder to great a low price.

As you shop, grab items that immediately speak to you! With consignment prices being a bit higher than yard sale prices, I only snatch up things that I truly love on the spot. 

When you have finished shopping, find a spot where you can sit down and go through your items. Carefully look at each piece - watch for stains that were missed at for wear that you didn't spot at first...make sure the price tag has not left a hole in the item...etc. This will give you the opportunity to talk yourself out of any damaged or unnecessary items that you might have grabbed on impulse. Most sales offer an area for shoppers to do this very thing, and this step has saved me from wasting money at the sales!

A Couple of Last Minute Thoughts

You know yourself...your shopping habits...the way you respond in this type of shopping ask yourself:

Do I need to pay with cash?

Do I need to be careful about what friend(s) I shop with at the event? Do I need to shop alone? Do I need to take a specific buddy who will make sure I don't go too crazy?

While shopping the sales can be a lot of fun, I'm sure we've all been guilty of getting caught up in the excitement. These tips have helped me attack these sales in a savvy way that keeps me from overspending and buying items that we really don't need. 

What are your best tips for shopping kid's consignment? 

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