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March 22, 2012

Friends & Family

This past weekend, we traveled to David's hometown for a long overdue visit with family and friends. Enjoy some pictures from our time with some very special people!

Caleb loves meeting new friends!

Caleb was worn out from all the excitement! How do I know? Well, he's usually a stomach-sleeper, and when I laid him down he stayed just like this for hours.

Caleb got to meet his new cousin (and stick his fingers up his nose)! :-)
 They had been playing hard together and by this point were exhausted.

Caleb loves giving smiles to his great-grandma!

Caleb's cousin likes to smile, too!

This is Caleb's great-grandfather - the one after whom he is named. He was a dairy farmer, so Caleb got dressed up in his overalls and brought along a toy tractor from G.G.'s house.
They had fun playing together!

Caleb loved sitting on his great-grandpa's lap!
After an exciting weekend, Caleb was ready for another nap!
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