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March 20, 2012

Making Homemade Baby Food with the Beaba Baby Cook

I love the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker machine because everything you need is built into one unit - including the steamer - and it has been perfect for us! Below are a few pictures from my adventures in the kitchen making homemade babyfood!

Baby Food

I enjoy making fruit mixtures, veggie mixtures, as well as fruit and veggie mixtures! 
Just about anything goes!

The consistency can be adjusted to fit your baby's stage, preferences, etc. 
less water = thicker baby food
more water = thinner baby food
When you're finished cooking (I like to make lots of food at once!), everything can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

I've been trying out lots of different storage options - seeing what works best for our lifestyle. There are so many great freezer-safe containers out there. 

Freezing baby food can be a great option to help you stay organized and ahead of the game when it comes to making your own babyfood.

My little ones have loved mashed banana...mashed avocado...mashed peas...etc. but the following concoctions have been some of our go-to favorites:

Recipe Ideas:

Recipe #1
Green Beans or Carrots
w/ a smidge of Apple for a sweet taste or garlic for a savory taste

Recipe #2
Baby Oatmeal
Ground Cinnamon

Recipe #3

Recipe #4

Recipe #5
Sweet Potatoes
w/ a smidge of Ground Cinnamon for taste

Recipe #6

For more recipe ideas, check out the BEABA Babycook Book?

My friend told me about these, and they are so easy to use and we've found them to be great for when we're traveling! I decided to post these so that you would know the truth which is: while we mainly use fresh foods that I've prepared in the Baby Cook, there are times when we need something quick for on-the-go and there are also times when I've been lazy. Honesty is always the best policy!

Also be sure to check out Squooshis!
The store-bought kind are oftentimes more practical for our lifestyle, but I love using these little gems when I can.

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