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March 18, 2013

Life Update

 The wait is finally over, and we have officially moved in to our new house! It has been a wild couple of weeks! We never thought the time would come, but it has - and we are so, so very thankful! The walls of our apartment were literally closing in on us! Our 2-3 bed/2 bath apartment was great when it was just us; but as our family has grown and as we started purchasing items for the new house, we did not have an inch of space left. We were using two additional storage units, but it was still completely out of control. To now have space for everything is allowing me to breathe once again! I must say - as crazy as it was - it was worth the wait! We are excited to be able to entertain again, so just let us know when you'd like to come for dinner. I can not promise that the food will be out of this world, but I can promise that you will not have to sit with stacks of boxes around you. *smile*

David has been trying to settle back in to his work routine - juggling working some from home and some from the office. He has been quite a trooper! While getting ready - the first morning he planned to go back to the office - he jammed one of his toes on the bathroom door - and it broke (his toe - not the door)! =) I never knew a broken toe could be so debilitating, but this was pretty bad! It has been frustrating for him, but he has plugged right along and is slowly but surely getting better.

We have been incredibly thankful to have the help of our parents. They have been taking turns pitching in - and we truly do not know what we would have done without them this month. Their assistance with cleaning, moving boxes, unpacking, moving boxes, hanging out with Caleb, moving boxes, and more has made all the difference! Plus, I just plain like having them here with us - no matter what we are doing.

Life is full of waiting - and we are now waiting to find out whether baby #2 is a boy or a girl. Because of the way the appointment schedule has worked out, we are a little later finding out this time. We have been so busy that these almost twenty weeks of pregnancy have flown by, and I can not believe we are almost half-way to d-day. Hopefully, this little one will arrive a few days early - like Caleb (my little full-moon baby boy)! *fingers crossed* 

Now that we are home - getting settled and looking forward to the arrival of baby #2, I'm excited to have a couple of "mommy's helpers" that will be coming each week to lend a hand. Their help is going to allow me tackle all that needs to be done at home as well as some of the "work from home" things that I do throughout the week. Arranging this has been one of the things I decided to do after reading "Desperate" by Sally Clarkson.

I have loved reading some of your reports from her 2013 Mom Heart Conference - I would really like to attend the next one! She is so full of wisdom and never fails to point you to truth - what an encouragement!

More updates coming soon - I've missed you lately!

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