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May 5, 2014

Child's Bedroom Shelf

After moving in to our new house, there are certain rooms that came together just as I imagined, but there were other rooms that took more time to get "just right". The study - which is still in progress - was one and my toddler's bedroom was another.

When it came to his room, I found myself with a bare area of wall and nothing to put there. I browsed all of my favorite stores...I thought through repurposing various items that I already have...I watched for great finds while thrifting...but nothing spoke to me...However, over the past couple of months, THIS has come together, and I love everything about it.

Child's Bedroom Shelf
Child's Bedroom

It speaks to my sentimental side - Let me tell you why...
I made the trio of owl wall hangings - using 12 x 12 canvases from Michaels and some super cute fabric from a local fabric outlet.
Scissors and a staple gun is all it took! Super easy~
(I did a similar project here in my most recent nursery.)

I spotted this wooden tractor at a local Farmer's Market.

I found these adorable block letters at Michael's - in one of their dollar sections.
Aren't they adorable? It was love at first sight for me~

The shelf is from Home Goods - I love its shabby look~

I love to sing to my babies, and my song for Caleb has always been "You are My Sunshine".
I found this precious picture frame at Kohl's [on-line].

I have toyed with displaying vintage children's books on the shelf...
(These books belonged to me when I was a little girl.)

...but for now, the tractor has won the spot next to the "B"...and I have since added mementos and treasures that my little one has found meaningful in some way.
I love the flexibility that a shelf provides - In the future I see sports trophies, etc. on this shelf.

...and the vintage children's books have found their home below the shelf - on top of one of the dressers - in between the cutest pair of bookends you ever seen!
I spotted them at a yard sale - They are large, heavy, and in flawless condition.

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