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February 20, 2015

If babywearing was a must for everyone, God would've designed us with a pouch.

Just in case you're new around here (and new to my odd sense of humor), please note that this post was written in partial jest. My goal is not to continue to divide moms based on parenting-style choices, but to point out the ridiculousness of the division that I know we have all witnessed. 
**The situations described in this post have not been exaggerated in any way.**


Dear Babywearing Moms,

Some of you are scary...

I have encountered some of you in Target. As you carry your 5.5 lb. newborn in your Ergo Max 2000 (because any other carrier is second rate), you roll your eyes and huff and puff when you realize that my double-stroller is in your way.

While shopping in other places - such as the mall - I have crossed paths with some of you who have looked at my stroller and said things like, "Your life would be so much easier if you wore your babies."

I have encountered lots and lots of you on social media. Some of you babywearing hashtaggers are the scariest. #babywearingforthewin #toddlerwearingmama #ergofordays I see you using one free hand to make corn muffins...using your breastmilk as the magic ingredient. I see you using your other free hand to strain your own yogurt. I see your three-year old nursing on you as you #babywear. I see your half-naked older children in the background...chasing your pet chickens...#prairielife

...and I just have to ask, what are really trying to communicate to us?

Some moms would say you feel you are superior....or possibly insecure about something else...or wanting to let everyone know that you love your child more than another mom whose baby does not hang off of her person all day, and I have to say...I can see where they would be coming from on this.

Yes, I've done a little baby wearing myself (and will continue to do so). My hubby has even handed in his man-card and - on occasion - strapped on our newborns. #babywearingdaddy I am a big fan of skin-to-skin contact with my newborn babies - I will also raise my hand and agree that breast is best (which provides lots of time for meaningful connection). I love holding my babies and bonding with them. Especially when they're itty bitty, I can't get enough!

But you see, my very large newborn babies (as well as my very large post-baby self) have had the post-partum sweats, and this severely limits how enjoyable baby wearing can be for both mommy and baby. To cut it to you straight: All parties involved have hated it. (I realize this is hard for some of you you to fathom.)

Once we're past the hot flashes and sweating stage, babywearing has come in certain situations where a stroller simply wouldn't work. I've been glad to have another option, but I have not found it to be hands-free. My mama reflexes simply will not allow me to take my hands off of the baby....which only makes me wish I had my stroller with me instead.

If you must know (yes, you with the nasty comments about my stroller), I love my stroller. I love the large basket on my stroller. It is a huge help to me. I purchased it very much on purpose. #strollersarenotevil

It's not that I'm against baby wearing. It's that I do not understand this over-the-top cult-like obsession with it. If you like it, great...I think you should definitely stick with what is working for you...but the eagerness to discuss it at.every.turn? the spamlike amount of hashtags? the weird photos? the dirty looks? the nasty comments? C'mon.

If babywearing was a must for everyone, God would've designed us with a pouch.


There are certain situations in which baby-wearing has been helpful for us - but not typically after those first few months. It wasn't until I had my second little guy that I realized that this baby-wearing thing has become somewhat of a religion for some parents - seriously? Are we really going to judge each other based on whether or not we wear our babies or push them in strollers? I realize that the ERGO is the best thing since God created ranch dressing, but our Joovy double-stroller has been wonderful for us. 
There are so many quality baby products out there - use what you love!
Can we all still be friends?

Part Two: How We've Done Things With Our Toddlers

If you are a new mom, I am so glad you're here! YOU are actually who has inspired this blog to continue! YOU are the reason that I write! Please know that every mother is different...every child is different...God has entrusted your little bundle of joy to YOU...He knows that YOU are going to be the best mother for your baby.
With that being said, please do not allow this post...or any other post...or book...or magazine...or Wikipedia article...make you feel inadequate in any way. Go with your mommy gut, and you and your precious gift will be just fine! We're all different! In fact, you might even find that you love babywearing! ;-)