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July 6, 2015

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

As a pastor's daughter, I am especially passionate about encouraging pastors and their families, and today, I want to share some practical ideas for how you can bless your pastor, his wife, and his kiddos! 

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor
Encourage Your Pastor

Pastors give...and give...and give...and give...and give...and so do their families - in more ways than most people know! I would love to challenge every person reading this to choose at least one hands-on way they can show honor and appreciation to this important servant in their life! 

1. Take them a family meal! Leave it in the fridge at the church....Deliver it to their home...Do whatever you know would work best for them - being considerate of their schedules/needs/wishes - but make them a home-cooked meal and give them a night off from dinner prep. 

2. Give them a gift card! Place it inside an encouraging note/card you send their way...or anonymously drop it off in the church office. Need ideas? How about a gift card to a restaurant your pastor has mentioned in his sermon? The grocery store? The gas station? A special location/event where he and his wife could enjoy a date night? A spa gift certificate for his wife? A vacation for his entire family? (Yes, they need time away, too!)

3. Speaking of date night, have you ever thought of offering to babysit your pastor's children? Now this will definitely depend on your relationship with your pastor...the age of your pastor's children...etc. but definitely an idea worth considering if it would fit your specific situation. 

4. There are few ways you can bless a pastor more than by encouraging his children! If you see his kiddos at church, acknowledge them with kind words...slip them a piece of candy (if you know their parents would approve), send THEM a card with a Starbucks gift card many ideas for ways you can let your pastor's children know that you appreciate them, too!

5. Be an encourager! You do not want to be the person that the pastor dreads to see coming toward him on Sunday morning...You do not want to be the one who can always be counted on for complaints, negative e-mails, etc. Be the one to say something positive about your place of worship! Be someone he can count on for encouragement and prayer! If you have a specific concern, be very slow and prayerful about bringing it to his or his staff's attention. Is it THAT important? What is your motive? What is the goal? Think carefully...

While pastor appreciation month falls in October, I would love to see families making it a priority to honor their church leaders all throughout the year! If you are a part of a church community that is being lead by a devoted man of God who loves God's word and God's people, let him know how thankful you are for the sacrifices that he and his family are making for you each day.