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June 11, 2014

Time at the Beach

 Don't let this picture fool you~ We all know that taking kids to the beach is about as relaxing as a colonoscopy...Except that for a colonoscopy, you get to lay down...or so I've heard...I've never had one, but...okay, maybe I should've used a different comparison to make my point.
Before we started our family, we made ourselves a promise that we would continue to travel...even with kids; and we have kept our promise. Yes, our trips look a little different these days, but we make them happen - and even when they are hard (and they oftentimes are), we are always glad that we made the effort.

This little fella thinks the waves are okay, but his favorite thing about the beach is the sand!
He can't get enough of it~
Caleb loved chasing the I was snapping this picture, he had just finished yelling, "You come back here right now."....He was talking to the wave...I think.

 When it was just David and me....and we would sit on the beach from 9am-5pm....while I read a book....and he ate Doritos, he would say things like, "I can't wait to have a kid so I'll have someone to play with at the beach." I'm so glad he finally has a playmate~
We love spending time at the shore and will be there as much as possible this summer.

I was so glad to have my parents along on this trip. It was great spending time with them! We love watching our parents enjoy their grandkids! It was also nice because they hung out with the kids while David and I took a little time to ourselves on the beach - such a gift!

While we were there, I read two books! Can you believe that? With our two kids with us!
My choice in reading material? Melanie Shankle's Sparkly Green Earrings & The Antelope in the Living Room - two super hilarious quick reads that every wife/mama needs to read!
My copies are pictured here - before the sand, a little bit of ocean spray, and a couple drips of coffee hit them.