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March 23, 2015

Life Around Here this Weekend

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Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a great weekend! Our weekend included a Saturday lunch trip to Sam's Club - an outing I strategically timed so that my family could eat their weight in samples instead of my having to make lunch for them at home. It's a glorious, glorious thing that Sam's offers this service. All we have to do in return is walk the entire store - with a three-year old, a one-year old, and a two-ton shopping cart in tow.

Our weekend also included two rounds of grilling out.
When the weather is nice, you will find us out on the patio...with our grill...and some form of red meat. It is beautiful thing. David and I have discussed many times that our grilling habits are greatly effected by the weather. It can't be too cold...or too hot outside....or we're simply going to stay inside. I use this same rationale to determine whether or not I am going to exercise outdoors...or at all.

I am loving this second trimester. I am feeling so much better - still napping, still battling some yuckies at night, but definitely feeling more energetic, and more and more excited about this new little one that is going to be joining our family! I am finally far enough along that my belly looks more like a baby bump rather than a spare tire. Yesterday, my belly was grabbed...and as the grabber exclaimed, "Is that a baby?!" I wanted so badly to respond with "" ....just to see the look on their face! Wouldn't that have been funny? Ah, sometimes I live with such regret.

One of the best things as of late is that I have been able to tolerate the smell and taste of coffee...I'm not back to loving the smell and drinking two cups a day...yet....but I'm getting there. On Saturday (after our glamorous lunch at Sam's Club), we decided to head through a Starbuck's drive-thru...and this was how things sounded at the drive-thru speaker:

David: "Yes, we'd like a tall, half-caff, non-fat caramel latte, no whip cream and a Venti dark roast - no cream."

Caleb [Screaming from the backseat]: "Daaaaadddddy, you forgot to order the coffee!"

You would think that by now, this child would recognize our Starbucks order...but maybe he was thrown off by my ordering half-caff...

Our oldest is pretty excited about having another baby brother or sister! He hasn't decided whether it's a boy or a girl...he changes his mind often. His questions about the baby are my favorite, and we have been having lots of funny conversations! For example:

Me: "Mrs. Noelle has a baby in her belly, too!"
Caleb: "Do all mommies have babies in their bellies?"
Me: "Not all of them - just some of them."
Caleb: "........Does Great Grandma have a baby in her belly?"
(Great Grandma is 90+ years old.)

Pre-schoolers...I just love hearing what they're going to say next...unless they're throwing a tantrum over their dinner...or screaming for me to come help them find their favorite teddy 4:30am.