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June 23, 2014

Our Summer So Far...

The teacher in me will always approach life in academic years - I can't help it. I've lived that way for too long to change at this point. May 31st brings the year to a close...with summertime spent regrouping for New Year's Day which typically arrives sometime in August. As our recent "year" came to a close and activities starting winding down just in time for summer, I thought carefully about the weeks ahead and the things that I wanted to do during this time leading up to the start of a "new year". Here is a glimpse in to what we've been doing lately:

Traveling - We have already spent some time at the shore and are looking forward to more of that!

I have also done lots of driving - making sure my little guys get to spent some quality time with out-of-town friends and family. Yes, I make 3-hour/4-hour drives...alone...with my itty bitties. Though I have our packing down to a fine art, it is a hassle....Though I could make the drives in my sleep, they are exhausting...Though my kids are good travelers, using a potty seat in gas station parking lot is annoying; but we do it. Why? Because it's important! Interaction with family is an important part of our family mission statement (mentioned here), and we work hard to make it a priority...even when it's difficult.  

Time Outdoors - I love being outside with my kids - even though I am a little persnickety about outdoor temperatures. I love talking walks...spending time at the park...going to the pool...playing in the yard...and they love it, too! Every once in awhile, a rainy day is cozy; but for the most part, we love to get outside! Mornings in the fresh air usually result in a great naptime, and then we love to head back outside after everyone wakes up in the afternoon.

Home Projects - I'm sure you can relate to there always being a project around the house that needs tackling. Our list is always overflowing with big and small things that need to be done. With two little ones on our hands, we've learned to attack our projects as we're able. Spring/Summer weather has given us a fresh motivation to work on some of the things that we let sit during the winter months. I have recently been making an effort to do the little tasks that I've known - for a long time - would make our lives run smoother: hanging extra hooks in the bathroom; reorganizing the cup cabinet in the kitchen; adding an extra shelf to one of my upstairs my guest bathroom cabinet. These little chores literally took minutes...yet I had put them off and put them off - but I'm so glad I've checked them off my list. That feeling of accomplishment has been encouragement to keep going (as if the list will ever be complete).

Homeschool Planning - This past year, we tackled a new letter of the alphabet each week. This next year, we will delve deeper into Homeschool Preschool. I have recently spent additional time organizing our homeschool space, curriculum, etc. to accommodate our plans.
Keeping it Simple - With nicer weather on our hands, I want us to take the time to visit new farmer's markets, try new restaurants, check out a different splash pad, etc. so I have made an effort to keep things simple. For example, we have been eating on paper plates - a lot. Some may think this is wasteful...terrible for our environment...I could go on...However, I can not tell you how much time and energy doing this saves me! Some may label this as laziness, but I would much rather spend time enjoying my family then cleaning up my kitchen. Most moms will tell you that their kitchen is literally up and running from sun up to sun down, and anything a gal can do to lighten her work load is wholeheartedly embraced!

What has your summer looked like so far?

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