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October 8, 2014

Life with Pre-schoolers

After Life with Babies went live, I received questions about other aspects of what baby/toddler life looks like around here. This post will build a bit off of my original post and include some toddler/pre-school topics that were not included there.

Life with Pre-Schoolers

Teething - Hyland's teething gel has worked like a dream. I know many moms have found success with Clove Oil, Amber Necklaces, etc. but the gel has worked well for us, and we haven't really had to explore other options.

Homemade Tot Food - This has been a great way to get extra veggies in my pre-schoolers!

Sippy Cups - I chatted about our favorite cups here.

Babysitting - Have you considered a babysitting swap?

Church Nursery - With our first little guy, he did not attend church nursery til he was about 8 months old - He usually slept through the service, so we kept him with us. When he started to be awake during that time, we dropped him off and never looked back. Well, I might have creeped around and watched him through the window once....or twice...or maybe every Sunday until he moved to the two's class....okay, not really exactly...anyway, our second little guy was dropped off around 4-5 months. I'm a big fan of saying "bye-bye", blowing them a kiss, and then getting out of there! The nursery workers will thank you for not coming in and out, in and out, in and out and dragging out what can be an already traumatic situation for some.

TV - My preschooler didn't really show much interest in television til he was about 2.5. He loves Daniel Tiger with his whole heart and Curious George a smidge, but he doesn't really sit and watch any other shows. As a family, we will watch Andy Griffith or House Hunters - He loves this! However, he is usually way more excited about doing something special with Daddy than he is actually watching the show. Screen-Free Times at Our House

Sibling Acceptance/Sibling Rivalry - While I was pregnant with Isaac, we talked about him constantly. We made sure he was already included as part of the family. We read books about "becoming a big brother", etc. At the hospital - when Caleb came to meet Isaac for the first time - we did the whole gift exchange thing....where Caleb gave Isaac a gift and Isaac "had a gift for Caleb, too". That was really sweet and a lot of fun for Caleb. They've started fighting for toys - and there are times when they compete for attention - but overall, they've done great! We try to "spread the love", encourage turn-taking, equally correcting as well as praising them that Isaac is old enough to "get into trouble", etc. As my mother says, "I'm sure these two will continue to be quite the duo."

Teaching Your Pre-schooler to Respect Others

My Choice to Be a Full-Time Mom - From Classroom Teacher to Full-Time Mom

Living in Community with Other Moms - I've shared a little bit about that here and here.

Favorite Toy Brands - In this space, I talk about toys a good bit! I love recommending toys that we love, and I had a great time sharing how we keep our toys organized and rotated. I will tell you a few of our favorite toy brands: B. ToysMelissa & Doug, and Green Toys. If you are looking for a great gems to put under your tree this Christmas, start with these companies!

Favorite Books - Check out my Children's Book Pinterest Board for all kinds of book recommendations! There are books for various ages, seasonal features, and lots of different themes!

I love hearing from you! Always feel free to send your questions my way! I promise that I always try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Quick Reminder (as mentioned in Part 1 of this post):
You may love what we love or you may have chosen a different approach, and that is okay - My philosophy: Do what works for you, sweet mama! You are the mother your child needs - that's why God gave them to you. Embrace your child...Embrace who you are...and follow your mommy instincts. I have no doubt that you are doing a great job.

I Choose Motherhood.

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